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Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Hilary Keller

Crown Beach, Alameda // The Sacred Well // October [11/22/16—09:39 pm]
Hilary Keller
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The central focus of this entry will be photos, so I'll annotate as I insert images. A brief summary of the last two months: Being sick while focusing on creative motivations. Warning this is the most disorganized photo entry to date — I don't plan on making that a habit.

» OCTOBER I had a job interview that went incredibly well; far better than I could've imagined. I even got the job! Sadly it was lost immediately after getting it due to circumstances out of my control. That came as a pretty big bummer; I was pretty stoked on the location and position after all. I've been feeling a bit deflated since—regardless I'm back on the job hunt. After that initial interview to celebrate, I took some personal time to walk through the Botanical Gardens a couple exits east of where I interviewed. I then visited Fish Ranch Road overlook and met a nice dude from the Navy up there. We chatted for a brief moment, as we both watched several buildings below us burn bright with flame. We never discovered the source of the fires, but I took a few photos before continuing my solo explorations through the gardens (before getting back on the road towards the 45 minute ride home). Once back in town I treated myself to pumpkin ice cream, because Fall and ice cream. That following Sunday, my good friend Richard and I went to the beach! This was something I'd been dying to do since I moved back to California (again). It was bliss. I've always been very fond of the ocean, which was something I yearned for often while living on the east coast.

» EARLY OCTOBER I had a photoshoot with the first photographer who I had ever worked with back in the day I used to go by the moniker - (And I'm not joking, although I wish I was) - Elizabeth Bathori, haha. The photographer I worked with, who shall remain temporarily nameless until the photos go up, reminded me of that old gem by showing me a copy of the first contract I'd signed. Gave us a laugh. It had been such a long time since I'd done a proper shoot! I'm pleased with how smoothly the shoot went! The set came out fairly well considering how much time has passed since I'd done anything with another photographer. Richard accompanied me to the location (which was in San Francisco) and took a few photos behind the scenes. We ended up shooting over 300 photos with four outfit changes (I'll get to editing those once I'm caught up on other projects + adventures).

» PREVIEW of one of the images from last month's shoot. I had a lot of fun being in front of the camera again! I'm currently looking to work with other photographers, designers, and artists as I hope to do as many shoots in the near future as possible. If you're an artist or photographer out there reading this and would like to work together please get in touch! I have plans for projects in the near future as well as a few assignments in place for next year that I'm really looking forward to! More information on all that soon.

In light of events of the last several years, good memories have been sorely missed around here (to put it delicately). So getting out to see the beach and to shoot again really had me feeling revived and satisfied. The beach never fails to lift my spirits, even if the images are now approaching two months old!
Before hitting the beach, Richard and I visited The Sacred Well — a crystal and Magick shop in Oakland/Lake Merritt. We had been planning to go to this shop for ages. After finding the time in each of our own schedules, we made it and were not disappointed. I cannot recommend checking the shop out enough. Really good vibes, loads of neat trinkets, books, candles, tarot decks, and of course, crystals if you're into that sort of thing! Hella reminiscent of the shop Fairuza Balk ended up owning after filming the movie The Craft. Sick!

I love the beach. I don't mind how cold the water is; I will always be the first one in and the last one out. My extremities ended up turning stark white and numb after swimming, so we headed over to Park Street in Alameda for Peet's Coffee. We then walked around town browsing books and comics before deciding on vegetarian Phở to warm ourselves. Richard is both straight edge and vegetarian, which are two commendable traits in him I wish I had the discipline for, for I am wildly and vastly neither. Whenever I hang with Richard I choose to eat vegetarian for the duration being that in 2013 I started eating meat again. I was vegetarian turned raw vegan for over half of my life. I will say I love how far the choices have come even though I no longer seek out those options today. Actually, it's kind of strange now that I think of it; I feel like the oddball for being someone who eats meat. Never thought I'd ever say that. Then again, never thought I'd start eating meat and fish again either. Anyhow!

» LATE OCTOBER I drove both Richard and myself through the sharply winding, narrow and forested road to Half Moon Bay's Pumpkin Village where we spent the entire day meandering and eating straight nom-ass Japanese food. Each of us picked out a pumpkin to carve where we had ourselves a carving party right around the time I started to get sick. I knew I wasn't feeling right weeks in advance, but I stubbornly ignored warning signs and ended up spending Halloween in the hospital. Richard and my mother both visited every day. He even brought me a Halloween card with a witches hat to wear which definitely perked me up a great deal. Being that I was on a liquid-only diet I didn't consume my usual fill of peanut butter dark chocolates (Hopeless sucker for the combo). However I did get to spend time with my favorite people on my favorite day of the year. :)))

» HAIR I've been letting my hair breathe for months as I grow it out again to a longer length. After bleaching my dome to oblivion for years the ends of my hairs had been looking pretty toasty. Finally! I've about grown it back to a healthy(ier) point that could not only retain color, but also not become destroyed by it either. Over the week I colored my hair a rich erythraean hue. I couldn't decide between my favorite shade (black) and my current color (red). Or rather, a variety of shit-stained almost-but-not-quite-red reds. I should label hair dye boxes for a living, shit. Anyhow, so the color didn't come out quite like I imagined, but it'll do for now. It's only a matter of time before I slather my scalp in black dye anyway. My thinking being I might as well do up a proper red up for a few shoots before I go back to black. I have a rich blood-red going on right now, which photographs very dark when under dim lighting. Best of both worlds for the indecisiveness that occurs underneath all the hair.

Now for an Army of out of order photos. Sorry for the poor quality.
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Cellophane Landscape Mannequin [9/29/16—04:03 pm]
Hilary Keller
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Last night I wrote out an entire entry only to lose it with a single click! The 'autosave' feature glitched on me so I'm starting over from what little of the post I've scraped from (partial) memory.

It's been over a year since my last entry. I've been wanting to blog again, but that fluidity I was once used to is no longer as effortless as when I first created this account. It often feels like the more experience I accumulate the more difficulty I find in writing about it. I always aim to preserve my openness and personality through any and all creative pursuits, but I want something different. Life is heavy enough—I want to keep it simple. One of my favorite words is 'wonderful', and my aim is to put out only those things in which I find fit that definition. Memories sacred and crystalline, aberrant and [colorfully] taxing; the last 18 months haven't exactly been fraught with simplicity.

Today. I am able to feel a sort of happiness eliciting joy while simultaneously spending time in the home I grew up in in California. My mother's laugh, sitting nuzzled-cuddly atop dryer fresh blankets, new grey soft fur pillows, a red throw creasing my bed—she with me; we watch videos on my laptop, and movies, vines, instagram clips, and Netflix shows going on for hours upon hours too little. Where ticking-tocking seemingly seems to speed by much too quickly the older I grow. Married are the fragrant equals lavender and candied popcorn used napkins beside us while we laugh to the point of tears. My stomach grins where my hippocampus dances; the purest of memories are emblazoned upon daisy shaped neurons—I am free.

I have experienced far too many moments of actual bliss to ever long for feigned chemistry; a chemical mockery of bliss.

I don't know where to start, so I'll begin with photos I took over the last 18 months. Chronologically, as best I can until I'm caught up to a place where I can share in present tense again. There truly is something to be said for the beauty of minimalism, being that I'm such a visual person it's very easy for me to express myself in that fashion. Although for now I'm using my phone as my main imaging source—it's better than nothing! Eventually I will purchase a brand new camera along with a few photography [+] studio type goodies for YouTube videos and proper photography once more. When the day comes that I can afford it piece by piece, that is.

I aim to share inspirational and personal aesthetic relevant imagery. I'm digging the scrapbook vibe a lot lately, and what I want is to be able to look back on these pages and see all the good days and moments piled up over the bad. If there's one thing I'm good at, it's finding beauty in sadly-hopeful scenarios. I'm drawn to that, so it's only natural I would seek it out and express that feeling in my own way. Art is my main outlet, writing and music also fit into that category. Both in admiration [+] support of the arts and through my own personal creative pursuits. Sidebar: I would love to know what kinds of things you are drawn to aesthetically; what makes you happy and what do you find to be beautiful? What kinds of things inspire you, personally? If anyone is still reading LiveJournal, I'd enjoy the feedback.

LiveJournal has undergone so many updates, plus it's been so long for me that it kind of feels new being on here again. My HTML // CSS skills are pretty rusty, I also legit forgot how to do a LiveJournal 'cut', lol. I'm sure with consistency that'll all come back though. Anyhow, pictures! Pardon the quality, I no longer even have Photoshop installed, so I'm essentially operating with a phone camera and an all-purpose filter app.

From San Francisco to Georgia to Virginia to San Francisco.

Additional // PhotosCollapse )

My next entries will probably focus on Alexandria, D.C. Cherry Blossom Festival, San Francisco PRIDE, and the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest @ The San Jose Convention Center! I'll likely group them each into individual entries to keep it more organized. This update is all over the place and randomly hectic. I apologize for the quality; my heart aches to return to real photography.

Here are some links for places I update fairly regularly. Toss me an add or like to show a bit of support, then come say hello!

FACEBOOK | https://www.facebook.com/SmallHoursPhoto
INSTAGRAM | https://www.instagram.com/smallhours/
PINTEREST | https://www.pinterest.com/hilarykellerimg/
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Aim/Reload [11/14/12—10:20 pm]
Hilary Keller
Today I deleted all but 9 journal entries here.
Here's to blogging on LiveJournal again.

“Without music, life would be a mistake.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

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